Aug 4, 2021
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Boutiera Family
Created: Jan 13, 2017
File Type: OTF
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About Boutiera Family
Boutiera is an upright and soft vintage script with a modern twist. Its main characteristics are bouncy baseline, round forms and bumpy stems. These qualities gives Boutiera its casual, friendly and handmade looks. It has three weights to give contrast and options to your typographic elements and designs. Boutiera has two sets of Upper cases; Slightly swashy and more basic one. The more basic set can be used in all caps.

Boutiera has positional alternate characters; Initial forms to letters like r, s, x and z. And final forms to all lower cases. Those final forms have a shortened upstroke to give more balanced and harmonized look. You can use these easily by enabling Contextual Aternates from OpenType menu. It also has alternate versions of letters t and s.

You can use Boutiera on logos, packages, on titles or wherever you need a friendly and lively font.

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