Mar 18, 2021
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Download Vega an Android Themer Theme

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Download Vega an Android Themer Theme:

Vega an Android Themer Theme
Created: Nov 16, 2014
File Size: 700.5 KB
Layout: Fixed

About Vega an Android Themer Theme
Welcome to the Vega theme.

This is a one screen theme with changing wallpapers and invisible to visible music player album art when playing music.

This theme was created on the OnePlus One with a resolution of 1920 x 1080.
Due to Themers new design guidelines you must have onscreen keys enabled for this theme to work correctly. If you do not have a screen size with this resolution now have onscreen keys enabled this theme will not apply properly and will need some manual work to get the widgets set correctly. If you do have these issues, do not purchase this theme unless you plan on putting in the extra work to set this up.
Help (?)
Email me through my development to report any issues
This theme consist of:

1x Themer Exported zip

Included in zip file:
1x Themer Exported backup zip file
1x Themer png thumbnail image
1x Setup Instructions (Also below)
1) Begin Setup Instructions:
(You will need a file manager application or your phone connected to a computer to access the sdcard of your device.)

2) Install Vega Installer application.

3) Download the theme package files from the dashboard screen.

4) Extract the downloaded zip file using a file manager application or PC if you are connected via usb. Keep in mind where these files were exported too since you will need these later. If you have a PC, just move the zip folder to your PC desktop and extract it there.

5) Install Themer BETA from the Play Store.

6) Open the MyColorScreen folder in your sd card using a file manager application or PC if you are connected via usb. You should see two folder in here: PNG folder and ZIP folder.

7) Using a file manager application or your PC again, copy and paste the PNG and Zip files inside the Vega extracted zip file to te MyColorScreen Extracted folders. Copy and paste the png into the thumbs folder, and the zip into the zip folder.

9) Navigate to the Themer BETA home screen, select Menu Themes My Themes Exported. (If you did everything correctly, you should see the Vega png in this screen.)

10) Select the Vega theme, apply and enjoy!

If you have any issues please reach out to me through my dev email or simply long press and hold on any widget to modify the themer zooper files. You will need to unlock editing options in themer to gain this ability.
(screen menu Themes Settings Advanced Desktop DeSelect:
-Lock Homescreen Icons
-Lock Homescreen Widgets.)

If you want to change the status bar and nav bar to the proper color you will need to change in Themer settings to #ffbebcba. By default it is set to black.

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