Mar 13, 2021
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Download Bootstrap 3.0. themes Mega Bundle

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Download Bootstrap 3.0. themes Mega Bundle:

Bootstrap 3.0. themes Mega Bundle
Created: Sep 04, 2013
File Size: 32.36 MB
Layout: Fluid

About Bootstrap 3.0. themes Mega Bundle
Introducing Bootstrap 3.0. themes (skins) Mega Bundle. Buy 22 brand new Bootstrap 3.0 themes(skins CSS + LESS files) for extra discount price only $9 limited time! Sale a special 90% discount! Regular price $88 You save $79!

This collection will solve all your needs for a long time to craft unique Bootstrap 3.0. themes, themes for every taste, color, and style!

Custom Bootstrap 3.0. styles applied to all Bootstrap 3.0. default elements
LESS files included for easy customization and upgrade (variables.less, theme.less)
Pixel perfect design
Modern trend & classic styles and colors: flat style themes, classic gradient styles, glossy styles, white, dark, creative style themes
Easy installation! just change default Bootstrap 3.0. style file (bootstrap.css) to theme.css and it’s done!
Free support on issues related to these themes
Example elements page and example Bootstrap 3.0. templates included

Just apply these themes to your Bootstrap 3.0. project without any changes, and provide customers with surprisingly good results in a matter of minutes! Stunning time-saving as the low price on this collection!

Bootstrap 3.0.v. theme Flat Dark UI Info: Demo:

Bootstrap 3.0. mnml brown theme Info: Demo:

Bootstrap 3.0. Glossy blue theme blurred Info: Demo:

Bootstrap 3.0. System dreamer theme Info: Demo:

Bootstrap 3.0. Blueprint flat theme Info: Demo:

Bootstrap 3.0. black classic theme Info: Demo:

Bootstrap 3.0. Classic Blue theme Info: Demo:

Bootstrap 3.0. Black alternative(round buttons) theme skin Info: Demo:

Bootstrap 3.0. WhiteFlatty theme Info: Demo:

Bootstrap 3.0. WhiteFlatty theme(alternative color scheme) Info: Demo:

Bootstrap 3.0. Robotron orange theme Info: Demo:

Bootstrap 3.0. Robotron yellow theme Info: Demo:

Bootstrap 3.0. theme black&blue skin Info: Demo:

Bootstrap 3.0. theme Black& White Info: Demo:

Bootstrap 3.0. v. theme Classic Plus Info: Demo:

Bootstrap v.3.0. theme flat UI (orange – dark) Info: Demo:

Bootstrap 3.0. Flat theme white-blue Info: Demo:

Bootstrap 3.0.! theme GlossyFlat Green Info: Demo:

Bootstrap 3.0. theme DRONE dark UI Info: Demo:

Bootstrap 3.0. theme full-width skin Info: Demo:

Bootstrap 3.0.v. theme Flat Brown Info: Demo:

Bootstrap 3.0. WhiteGreen flat theme Info: Demo:

Easy to change color: to change the basic colors you only need to change the 5 main colors in the LESS files, it is just 5 lines of code, replaced by copying and pasting.

How to customize these themes:

Change the colors in Less file to your brand-book colors
Compile Less file and your new theme is ready.


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“I’ve been playing around with your program and I am really liking what I’m seeing! Thank you for your work, and I look forward to producing some really great websites. Thanks again!” ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ – #DigitalNomad, World

“I have been ‘playing’ around with the results and I like what I see. Since this might be a great way for me to learn more about bootstrap, I just bought your lifetime version. Thanks!” ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ – Charles

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