Jun 12, 2021
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Download Vitamins Bottle Mockup

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Download Vitamins Bottle Mockup:

Vitamins Bottle Mockup
Created: Aug 14, 2020
Compatible with: Adobe Photoshop
File Type: PSD
File Size: 273.33 MB
Dimensions: 6000 x 4500 px
DPI: 72

About Vitamins Bottle Mockup
Vitamin Bottle Mockup Familly #1 Model Large

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Professional high-resolution mockup of pill / jellybeans / vitamins bottle.

Bottle Model: 10 oz. (300 cc) Clear PET Plastic Packer Bottle, 45mm 45-400 – https://www.thecarycompany.com/plastic-packer-bottles-30wcw3
Cork Model: 45mm 45-400 White Ribbed Plastic Cap w/Foam Liner (3-ply) – https://www.thecarycompany.com/plastic-cap-30w145

It’s fully customizable and could be used for many design purposes like packaging or label presentation, print design, etc. You can change bottle reflections (glossy, semi-glossy and matte), as well as bottle color (1 pre-made Amber color and ability to use your own color) so you may create abmer bottle or clear transparent bottle – whichever you like. Also there’s ability to control the bottle opacity, so you can make bottle fully opaque and than change it color.

There are 4 types of pills / vitamins available (capsule pills, spherical pills, bear jellybeans and cylindrical jellybeans). You can use your own colors for capsule and spherical pills. There’s also availability to change jellynbeans color via Hue/Situration layer. All this pills gives you additional space for personal customizing.

Label reflections could be changed as well. There’s several options like glossy, semi-glossy & matte. Additional shading layer also available for dark environment scenes. You can also change the cork / cap color and reflection (glossy, semi-glossy and matte).

View Video Tutorial – https://youtu.be/P2Zf4CzAoSo

Main Features:

1 PSD File
Hight Resolution 6000x4500px.
Change Label Design via Smart-Object layer
4 pre-maded pills.
Empty bottle option available.
1 pre-maded bottle colors – Amber, or choose your own color.
3 glass reflections available – Glossy, Semi-Glossy & Matte.
Adjustable bottle’s opacity & transparency.
3 label reflections available – Glossy, Semi-Glossy & Matte.
2 pre-maded foil stamping textures available, change it color & reflection power.
Change cork color & reflection power, or just switch it all off.
Separate shadow layer.
Full control over Shadow Intencity.
Changable background color.
3 exclusive FREE background included.
Separate background.

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