May 7, 2021
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Download Vintage Floral Crest Bundle

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Download Vintage Floral Crest Bundle:

Vintage Floral Crest Bundle
Created: Sep 30, 2020
Compatible with: Adobe Illustrator
File Type: PNG, EPS, AI
File Size: 125.1 MB

About Vintage Floral Crest Bundle
By purchasing this collection, you are receiving a 40% discount on these popular products!

This item features the first four monogram sets in my collection! This includes the popular Vintage Floral Crest Collections I-III as well as the Round Floral Crest Set.

What’s Included:

.png files in black
.png files in white
.eps vector files
.ai design files

Colors can be changed using the .eps or .ai versions of the products, however this requires knowledge of and a subscription to Adobe Illustrator.

Alternatively, the .png files can be loaded into Canva and modified using the adjustments panel!


It is my goal to create useful resources for designers as well as do-it-yourselfers.

If you’re purchasing this graphics set for your own personal use and are not getting paid for the end products you create with these items, then the personal license is for you.

If you are a designer or purchasing these elements to create stationery or other design work on behalf of someone else and will be receiving compensation for your design(s), please purchase the commercial license.

**Please note: All graphics must be incorporated into your own unique design (e.g. shower invitations, signage, etc.). These marks are not intended for any sort of individual distribution and must be used as part of a greater design (not the design as a whole).

For example – if you are purchasing this product because you are a stationery designer and want to include a crest on a suite you are designing, this is totally okay and encouraged!

However, if you are selling mugs and purchase this set to put the artwork on a mug by itself – that’s a no-go since you’re just placing the phrase on a product and not incorporating it into your own unique design.

If you have any licensing or usage questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out and I’d be happy to help!

Interested in collaborating or utilizing my custom lettering services? Visit or email me (Loren) at I’d love to hear from you!F4

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