Jun 18, 2021
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Download Procreate Watercolor Paper Texture

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Download Procreate Watercolor Paper Texture:

Procreate Watercolor Paper Texture
Created: Nov 30, 2017
Compatible with: Procreate
File Size: 107.24 MB
Dimensions: 3500 x 3500 px

About Procreate Watercolor Paper Texture
This is the watercolor paper template that I use with all of my watercolor brushes! It adds to the texture of the brush and really makes it look realistic. If you look through the photos you can see some lettering with my watercolor Dry Edge brush with and without the template and some pieces I’ve made with them! Feel free to ask any questions!

When using the template, make sure all of the layers you’re lettering or painting on stay underneath of the textures group. Leave all layers on and don’t change anything! Except the multicolor layer, if you don’t like the look of all of th colors, you can change that and it won’t effect anything else. Letter or paint away and create realistic watercolor on your iPad.

Use with Procreate 5 on the iPad Pro. Make sure your iPad is all up to date!

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