May 14, 2021
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Download Flooded Watercolor Procreate Brushes

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Download Flooded Watercolor Procreate Brushes:

Flooded Watercolor Procreate Brushes
Created: Sep 04, 2020
Compatible with: Procreate
File Type: JPG, PDF, BRUSH
File Size: 348.03 MB

About Flooded Watercolor Procreate Brushes
The most intuitive watercolor brushes you’ll ever use in Procreate!

10/23/20 UPDATE – New PDF Guidebook for brush techniques; improved brush organization; new Reference Canvas included

(9/22/20) UPDATE – Procreate 5X compatible – includes 3 new brushes!

Watch a tutorial to learn more about these brushes:

If you’ve been dreaming of recreating not just the look but also the FEEL of painting watercolor on your iPad, these are the brushes for you. Easy to use, without hassle or complex techniques, you’ll feel as though you’re truly painting with a brush on paper. Updated for Procreate 5X, these brushes blend and blur as you paint, for the most realistic watercolor effects yet.

In addition to the brushes, this also includes 3 different paper texture canvas. To help you get started, this set includes PDF guides detailing techniques, brush recommendations, and paper texture use. Explore the included Procreate Reference Canvas to compare different brush applications, smudging techniques, and ideas!


21 Watercolor Brushes
4 Extra Brushes (Seamless Textures, Pencil)
3 Paper Texture Canvases
1 Procreate Reference File
2 PDF Guides: How to Use Paper Texture Brushes, and Brush Techniques User Guide

Only compatible with Procreate v.5+

Brush Descriptions:

Toothy Painter: Super realistic brush with a slightly toothy appearance of paint bleeding into paper. Great diluted effect with mixing qualities.

Watery Pigment Bleed: A great “effects” brush for adding darker pigment and unexpected pooling and splattery-like effects.

Splatters: This brush paints varied, scattered droplets. An excellent finishing touch to your masterpiece.

Hard Edges Flood: A very diluted brush with dark, hard edges – perfect for more transparent work.

Watery Brushy Blend: A great, rough, bristly brush that floods and mixes as it paints. Rough edge texture, slightly hard edge.

Diluted Floral Brush (rough): The closest you’ll get to traditional media in Procreate! This brush is perfect for loose florals. Gets more diluted the longer the brushstroke – just like real life! Create botanical and petal shapes with a single stroke!

Diluted Floral Brush (smooth): A smooth-edged version for creating beautiful blended florals.

Watercolor Wizardry: So realistic, you’ll feel like a wizard! This is a watery brush with a bit of pull, allowing you to really move the paint around. Has a hard edge.

Extra Water Wizardry: A more diluted version of the Watercolor Wizardry brush. Use this to paint the most delicate of delicate things.

Color Jitter Wizard: Built with the same base as the Watercolor Wizardry brushes, but created with more taper for that thin-to-thick look, and with slight color variance within each stroke. Looks as though you’ve mixed your own paint colors!

Old Scruff Brush: A richly pigmented bristly brush, that still floods and blends color together beautifully. Great for adding deep character!

Floody Smudge Redux: An updated version of Floody Smudge, works great for painting, but really shines as a smudge brush. As a smudger, gives a just-add-water effect. Ultra blur-optimized for the smoothest blending in Procreate 5X.

Floody Flow: The original! Great for painting, moderate application of pigment. Floods together as you paint, will achieve the most watery appearance when pencil is not lifted from the screen during stroke.

Mega Flood: Softer, larger version of the Floody Flow brush.

Mostly Water Brush: Diluted, smudgy brush with hard edges.

Fluff Brush: Super soft brush to help build pigment and get a pooling look.

Softer Watercolor Round: Even, moderately transparent application of color, nicely hard edges.

Diluted Edges: Slightly textured hard edge brush, will help you achieve those darker color edges that give the traditional watercolor look!

Dipped Flood: Soft, rich brush that floods together, with slight hue variation of each individual brush strokes.

Full Flood: Nicely even application of color, this is a go-to brush for laying down color. Super pressure sensitive.

Scattered Sponge: Watery, scattered, soft sponge painting effect, perfect for washed backgrounds or textured effects!

Sketch Pencil: Just a great pencil!

Bumpy Paper Texture Brush

Fiber Paper Texture Brush

Press Paper Texture Brush

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