May 4, 2021
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Download Black Gold 12 Lr presets

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Download Black Gold 12 Lr presets:

Black Gold 12 Lr presets
Created: Feb 24, 2016
Compatible with: Adobe Lightroom
File Size: 271.31 MB

About Black Gold 12 Lr presets
In this set you will find:

12 Presets for Lightroom in lrtemplate format

12 DNG files with this photos and presets. I give also them, because like that I can save all my brush strokes too and show you whole proses of my work.

all this photos with ‘before’ and ‘after’ called in the same names like presets and DNG files for you comfortable using and understanding wich preset foe wich photo did I use and how it looks.

Instruction for installing lrtemplate presets:

For using DNG files you just need to put them in the same catalog-folder with your photos, that you want to correct and upload this folder into Lightroom as usual – so you will find in uploadad catalog my DNG files with your photos- now all that you need is to Copy and Past my corrections on your cool pics 🙂 (Do not forget to include brush stroks while coping- for this- mark the item “Brushes” in the in opened window with settings of coping).

To open the archive that you’ve got You need to download the program for extracting WinRar and Zip files. It’s free rand it’s easy to find it in Internet. Usually sellers pack their folders with goods in zip or Rar archives. So just find WinRar program for extracting archives in Googl 🙂 If you ave Mac OC, you have to find somebody with Windows to extract the files in the same program! So sorry for this, but here is always choise- to upload Archive for Windows of for Mac… If you have problems with presets (after extracting the archive), so in describtion under this set- write me, I will answer as soom as I can, also I can send you goods on your e-mail without archive, If you cant extract files or have Mac os and no friends with Windows to help you 🙂 Lightroom presets can only be used in Adobe Lightroom and won’t work in Photoshop. Please, contact me with any questions. Will be happy to help you with using my products 🙂

And the most imortant part of instruction: Have Fun! 🙂

More of my art is on KRISTINAPONOMAREVA.RU

My travelling INSTAGRAM: krisp_krisp

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