May 14, 2021
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Download 24 Painterly PSD Brushes

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Download 24 Painterly PSD Brushes:

24 Painterly PSD Brushes
Created: Feb 18, 2019
Compatible with: Adobe Photoshop
File Type: JPG, ABR
File Size: 60.05 MB

About 24 Painterly PSD Brushes
24 Painterly PSD Brushes NOTE: These brushes only work with Photoshop.

Overlap, color, apply layer effect etc to achieve unique designs. The large sized organic brushes are made from real brush strokes and can be mixed and matched to create beautiful edges and lovely backgrounds. Layer individual strokes in separate layers to create texture and or utilize layer blending modes to add further richness to the strokes.

Brush sizes listed below.

What you get: -Thick Paint Arc. 3370 pixels -Vertical Heavy 3476 -Heavy Side Swipe 3204 -Rectangle Strokes 3600 -Edge Vertical Strokes Fading 3600 pixels -Paint Stroke Corner 3263 pixels -Paint Strokes Semi Dense 3600 pixels -Semi-Dense Right Edge 3498 pixels -Corner Dry Brush 2070 pixels -Vertical Stroke 2097pixels -Side Swipe 1927 pixels -Semi Curve 1893 pixels -Diagonal Swipe 1770 pixels -Wavy Swipe 2027 -Overlap Stroke 2530 -Downward SemiCurve 2240 pixels -Downward Swipe 2440 pixels -Dry downward swipe 2150 pixels -Dense Diagonal Swipe 1790 pixels -Waved stroke 1909 pixels -Semicircle Swipe 1898 pixels -Rollover Swipe 1686 pixels -Downward Dry to Heavy 1543 pixels -Long Swipe 2056 pixels

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