Jul 30, 2021
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Download SMan0301-HD2-O01P01-S

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Download SMan0301-HD2-O01P01-S:

Created: Jan 01, 1970
File Type: TGA, HTML, MAX, OBJ
File Size: 90.37 MB
Texture Resolution: 4096 x 4096 px
Polygon Count: 40000

About SMan0301-HD2-O01P01-S
aXYZ design – Metropoly HDevo2 Scan360 Still models Content: One (1) Ready-Posed 3D-Human model Geometry: 40000 Triangles Textures: Difuse, Specular & Normal maps: 2048x2048px Materials: 3DS Max Standard and Vray (1.5 sp4 and higher) Format: .max (3DS Max 2010)/.obj Units: Meters

Revolutionary new 3D Human Model Collections Low Polygon Characters for Medium-Distance views Specially developed for architects and designers Create of stunning 3D Animations in less time! Perfect integration with the rendered image! Optimized mesh that allows for perfect shadows! Using our characters, image retouching is almost unnecessary!

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