Jul 31, 2021
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Download Light Sconce – Art Deco

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Download Light Sconce – Art Deco:

Light Sconce – Art Deco
Created: Nov 21, 2015
File Type: TGA, PSD, MAX, OBJ, FBX
File Size: 23.09 MB
Frame Rate: 30
Material Count: 1
Number of Takes: 1
Texture Resolution: 2048 x 2048 px
Object Count: 1
Polygon Count: 1268
Y-Up / Z-Up: Y-Up

About Light Sconce – Art Deco
Art Deco light sconce prop created in 3D Studio Max 2013. The .zip file contains 3 .tga files (diffuse, emissive, normal), a PSD, Max 2013 scene file, FBX and OBJ. This prop can easily be imported into any game engine. It’s also great for any Architectural Visualization projects.

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