Apr 8, 2021
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Download Floating Islands

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Download Floating Islands:

Floating Islands
Created: Sep 02, 2015
File Type: OBJ, FBX, TGA, MAX
File Size: 71.88 MB
Industry: Games
Texture Resolution: 4096 x 4096 px

About Floating Islands
Let’s get started on your fantasy game with this low poly and hand-painted 3D asset. Most elements here can be reshaped, re-arrange and assemble so quickly and easy to form a new floating islands and fantasy environment.

The models use one texture atlas at 4094x4096pixel for the environment and assets, two atlas for the floor tiles at 2048x2048pixel!

This Floating Islands – Fantasy Environment Pack contains the following models:

04 Vines
20 Mushroom variations
06 Mushroom_wood variations
08 Grass variations
03 Mushroom-Grass Decal
12 Bushs
03 Trees
03 Tree House
03 Big Tree
03 Tree Rocks
03 Stairs variations
04 Fences
02 Wooden Bridges
01 Segment
12 Rocks
08 Steps Rocks
20 Wall variations
10 Big Modulars
Over 26 Sample Modulars

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